Boarding Life

The boarding house is the centre of life outside the classroom. Each house will have an experienced house parent and a team of house assistants who are there to provide pastoral care and support to pupils throughout the course. Each boarding house is single sex, accommodating either boys or girls.

Rooms in boarding houses are a mix of single, twin and quad bedrooms, meaning some pupils will be sharing rooms.




It is extremely important to us to provide a healthy and balanced range of food that is both nutritious and enjoyable for pupils. This is achieved in the following ways:

  • All our food is produced on site by our dedicated team of chefs.
  • 90% of our dishes are made from fresh ingredients.
  • Menus are rotated to provide a continuing variety.
  • We cater for a wide variety of dietary requirements.

    Pupils will be provided with a breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with refreshments between classes.

    On excursion days a packed lunch will be provided.