Beyond their academic, sporting and artistic endeavors, our focus is that pupils will feel secure and supported, comfortable, respected and safe in their environment. Charterhouse International Young Learners course is an opportunity for young people to experience a UK boarding school environment, along with promoting learning in a fun, exciting and interactive way inside and outside the classroom. The boarding experience will bring about life skills, independence and help develop good manners.


We will be exploring the stories and messages of Aesop’s Fables, looking at the themes and meanings for children. Some of our writing will be based around our trips to London, Wisley and Marwell Zoo, and will include rhyme and rhythm, as well as poetry styles such as limericks.


These lessons will involve the study of plants, trees and flowers around the Charterhouse site. Often this will mean outdoor activities, as well as practical work in the classroom.


In this subject we will be studying 1066 and the Norman Conquest, together with the development of castles. In addition, we will look at the history of Charterhouse School, from its roots in London to its present-day location in Godalming.


We will be taking the children on a whistle-stop tour of Great Britain, looking at the main countries, cities and physical features. They will investigate landforms such as rivers, waterfalls, caves and arches – and learning how they were formed.


In the Art Room we will be experimenting with different techniques for making an image, using automatic drawing, transfer and watercolours


This will involve afternoon workshop sessions, looking at all aspects of improvisation and performance.